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About Me

Hey there, I'm Janna Maron and I believe in the healing power of personal storytelling. It's what prompted me to start Under the Gum Tree back in 2011, and it is the thing that compels me to not only tell my personal story but also to foster safe spaces for writers to write, share, and find support for the story they have to tell. 

The official bio: I am a professional editor with nearly 20 years of experience helping writers to complete their projects and produce the best work possible. My experience includes time as a magazine editor, college professor, agency editorial director, and content director for a popular internet brand. I have worked on a number of book projects from self-published Amazon bestsellers to traditionally published New York Times bestsellers. I’m also the founding editor and publisher of Under the Gum Tree, a literary arts magazine publishing creative nonfiction and visual art. 

All of this adds up to a safe space designed especially for nonfiction authors to connect with others writing and sharing personal stories.

Why You Should Join

More to the Story is an online community for experienced nonfiction writers. It’s a safe space where authors writing personal stories can connect with others on the same journey. It’s a place to share your struggles and victories, ask questions to inform your process, and find encouragement and support when you feel stuck or stifled with your writing. 

It’s a private place away from ads and distraction of other social media platforms where you'll find:

📝 Conversation

📝 Encouragement

📝 Support

📝 Accountability

📝 Resources

Who is this for?

More to the Story is for you if you are . . .

  • A serious and experienced writer. You may not necessarily be published, but you are not a beginner at the craft of writing. 
  • Writing nonfiction incorporating personal story. Your work may not necessarily be memoir—all kinds of nonfiction incorporates personal story. 
  • Struggle to find the time for your writing. Who doesn‘t?
  • Unsure of the direction to take with your current project. Sometimes all you need is a place to bounce around ideas.
  • Looking for support and community with all of the above. 

Writing can be isolating, especially when you are working through some difficult personal material for your manuscript. That’s why it’s important to be connected with a community of like-minded people who know what you’re trying to accomplish and understand what you're going through. You will feel better and see progress much faster when you surround yourself with others who will support you along the way.

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